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Pity the first ever Vinyl frame! Six months spent waiting quietly in the corner of our warehouse inside a dark dusty brown box. Waiting for us to get our heads around building up a Fixie.

Well here she is, sleek, sexy and fast. Everything a fixie should be.

In fact this bike has got us so wired, we can't look at our other bikes anymore. With their gears, brakes and endless cables cluttering things up.

The king is dead, long live the king! You can see more of The Vinyl here...



Get the complete Vinyl


We're celebrating our first road bike to hit the tarmac by not only offering The Vinyl as a frameset with a high end Cane Creek 110.TR headset, but in three complete bike set ups.


Our top end Über Vinyl will retail for £1299 and be pretty much the same set up as the demo bike picture below.




POC Cortex Helmet

POC Cortex HelmetPOC Cortex Helmet


For a complete list of the components on this bike visit The Vinyl Build Kit page.



Will feature a mid range group of components, still using a Sram chainset but with more affordable components such as Identiti Forks, FSA headset and standard wheelset.



This bike is aimed specifically for someone that wants a titanium bike to ride off the shelf, so we have picked non branded components, all still very reliable and well designed but cheaper none the less. So you can get a ti bike on the street for an incredibly low recession busting £799.


A complete list of the components and bikes will be available online soon, but if you can't wait to get your hands on one email and he'll give you a lot more info.


A bike test will follow shortly once we've found out straw trilby and skin tight jeans.






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