The continued series of short videos based on test rides of our NEW 2014 HEX 2014.

The second rider is Danny Sørensen. A Kingdom Bike test rider and racer for a few years now, Danny provided test rider feedback during the development stages our prototype Hex’s. We catch up with Danny and film his first ride and thoughts on the 2014 production Hex AM275.

If you would like to review the Hex and in doing so become a film star, email us with some details about yourself.

The usual stuff; who, what, where and most importantly why you should review the Hex.

If we think you’re a the perfect test rider for the Hex AND most importantly you’re based in Europe we’ll be intouch and arrange for you to ride The Hex on your local trails. We’ll then arrive with a full film crew*, catering truck and turn you into a legend.

If you’re interested in doing your own Ride & Review on the Hex, email us here: info(at)

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